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Repairs: Windproof Lighter

It works or we fix it free.™

We don’t make that promise lightly. We know that behind every Zippo Windproof Lighter sent for repair is an owner depending on our promise to get it back in working order. Whether a Windproof Lighter is 5 years, 25 years, or 50 years old, it will serve as a dependable source of flame for years to come – we guarantee it!

Before sending your Windproof Lighter to us; perhaps the following will help:

Product Care Videos

Warranty & Instructions 

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Check the Windproof Lighter instructions on routine maintenance (wick, flint, and lighter fluid.)

Use Genuine Zippo Fuel, Wicks, & Flints

If you find your Zippo Windproof Lighter still does not function properly, please follow the repair steps below: 

  • WhatsApp us at +65 87880180 and let our staff know about the issue with your lighter. (We are only able to help customers staying in Singapore)
  • Bring your Lighter, Zippo Fluid, Flints and Wicks to our store, Zippo Gallery in Singapore
  • Remember to bring your invoice/receipt too, unless it’s a very old lighter.

We are NOT a Zippo Repair Clinic as the ONLY Repair Clinic is in USA.

Zippo Repair Clinic
1932 Zippo Drive
Bradford, PA 16701

Please do not attempt to perform repairs yourself as it could damage the lighter beyond repair.

The lighter finish is not covered under our guarantee.