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How to differentiate a real and fake Zippo lighter.

  • 30 July, 2019
  • News

How to differentiate a real and fake Zippo lighter.

There’s many real and fake Zippo in the world. The Zippo Brand dates back to 1932 when the first Zippo pocket lighter was built. Today, the brand enjoys a very high, unaided awareness rate worldwide. Zippo has invested significantly to promote its high-quality products and build a globally recognized brand. Zippo is aggressively protecting its trademark by asserting its legal rights to stop the manufacturing of infringing lighters.

There are authorized retailers in more than 160 countries around the world. Authentic Zippo lighters are available on and various e-commerce website. However, if you purchase online, there is always a risk of getting a counterfeit lighter instead. Hence, it is very important to check and make sure that the platform or store that you purchase from is authorized by Zippo.

Zippo does not permit unauthorized alterations to genuine Zippo brand lighters and other products by, among other things, the application of artwork, emblems, or other alterations constitutes a serious violation of Zippo’s intellectual property rights which it will enforce in the courts. Regardless of the quality of the alterations, sale of the altered product under the Zippo name is an infringement of Zippo’s trademarks. The world famous ZIPPO trademark is registered on the Principal Register in the United States and in almost every country on Earth.

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