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Collecting Zippo Lighters

Since George G. Blaisdell pushed the first insert into the first case of what would be the first Zippo lighter in 1933, more than 550 million Zippo lighters have been sold. He would be astonished today to discover that millions of Zippo fans around the world are collecting, buying, selling, swapping and talking Zippo lighters every day.

For many, collecting Zippo lighters and other Zippo products has become a hobby. Whether you have been collecting for years or a novice, we hope the information here will be of help to you. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest Zippo news and chat with other Zippo fans.  You can also find us on Snapchat and Instagram @OriginalZippo.

Zippo remains a secure and viable company dedicated to continuing to providing you, our loyal Zippo fans, with the dependable products you have come to know and expect. This site features the complete current selection of Zippo products but be sure to check out your country’s website to see what unique Zippo products are available to you.

And, when you’re making your holiday destination plans, be sure to include a stop at the Zippo/Case Museum in Bradford, Pennsylvania to see our Zippo and Case collections!

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Zippo Collecting Books

Numerous books have been published about Zippo lighters and other Zippo products and collecting. Get your collecting reference books today.

    • “And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters, Vol. 2” By Michael Grimaldi (C) Michael Grimaldi 2007
    • “Warman’s Zippo Lighters Field Guide” By Dana and Robin Baumgartner (Published by Krause Publications, 2006)
    • “And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters, Vol. 1” By Michael Grimaldi (C) Michael Grimaldi 2006
    • “Images of America Zippo Manufacturing Company” by Linda L. Meabon Foreword by George B. Duke (Published by Arcadia )
    • “The Zippo by Mazzi” By Gerhard Holzmann, 2005
    • “The Zippo Lighter Collectors’ Guide” (Pamphlet published by Zippo, updated 2003)
    • “The Lighter Side of Camel – A Zippo Collection” By Robert Brockman
    • “Zippo – Advertising Lighters: Cars & Trucks” by Phillip K. Taggart (Published by Schiffer Press, 2000)
    • “Zippo: An American Legend – A Collector’s Companion” by Avi R. Baer & Alexander Neumark (Published by Compendium Publishing Ltd., 1999)
    • “Design Classics: The Zippo by George G. Blaisdell” by Tobias Kuhn (Published by Verlag form GmbH, 1999)
    • “The Vietnam Zippo” by Jim Fiorello (English, German, French, and Spanish – Published by Schiffer Press, 1998)
    • “Zippo – The Great American Lighter” by David Poore (Published by Schiffer Press, 1997)
    • “A Guide to Zippo Lighter Collecting” (Booklet published by Ed Kenney, 1995)
    • “Zippo Handbook 2001” (Japanese only, by Tomoyki Kato, published by Okamoto Trading Company, 2000)
    • “100 Movies and Zippo Lighters” (Japanese only, Published by Okamoto Trading Company, 1995)
    • “Zippo Manual I” (English/Japanese, Published by World Photo Press, 1992)
    • “Zippo Manual II” (English/Japanese, Published by World Photo Press, 1993)
    • “Zippo Manual III” (English/Japanese, Published by World Photo Press, 1994)
    • “Zippo Manual IV” (English/Japanese, Published by World Photo Press, 1996)
    • “Zippo Manual V” (Japanese only, Published by World Photo Press, 1996)
    • “Zippo Story Book” (Japanese only, by Tomoyki Kato, Published by Okamoto Trading Company, 1992)
    • “Zippo Handbook 1990” (Japanese only, book by Tomoyki Kato, Published by Okamoto Trading Company, 1990)